Wednesday, 7 December 2011

SciVerse Science Direct Mobile Apps

To register in the SciVerse Science Direct mobile app you will need to provide your username and password as registered at This will be the same as your and computer ID and password which you use to log into the Library & IT tab in the university portal.


QR code Free iPhone/iPad app  QR code Free Blackberry app

QR code Free Android app 


Login to the university portal on/off campus
Select the Library & Computing tab
Click on the Databases, Journals and e-books link in the e-Library channel
Scroll down the A-Z list and select SciVerse Science Direct

On the Login screen you will be prompted to enter a username and password – ignore this
Instead select the Athens/Institution login link below the username and password box
On the Login via Athens or Your Institution screen select either the View all institutions link or UK Access Management Federation link and scroll down and select University of Greenwich
You will be authenticated via the Athens login screen (wait until you are transferred)
Now you are Logged in via University of Greenwich


If you are not registered, only 'guest' features will be available. To access the content the library subscribes to, you will need to register online within from a networked PC on campus at Make sure that you register with your Greenwich student email address e.g.

Once you have supplied this information, you will receive a confirmation email. Select the link provided in the email to activate your access to the SciVerse Science Direct mobile app. You will only need to confirm your email only once.
1.  An email will be sent to the email address you provided containing a link. You must click on the link to validate your access to SciVerse Science Direct mobile app.
2.  It is recommended that you validate your email address from the mobile device as it will launch the app automatically.
3.  Until you validate your email address, you may not be able to access full content.
4.  If you have forgotten to validate your email address, the next time you launch the app from a non WiFi IP range, you will be reminded to do so.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Remember to use e-books

Our book display in the foyer of Greenwich Campus Library highlights just a few of the 6,000 plus titles available as electronic books.

QR code
You can find other titles by searching the Library Catalogue. Also download quick guides about electronic books from our SlideShare page.